Rules and Information

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: November 7, 2014

Entry Deadline: November 7, 2014


Any contract design firm or in-house retail design team may enter projects for store interiors completed from Nov. 1, 2013 to Oct. 31, 2014. You do not need to be a Retail Design Institute member to enter.


The judging panel will be comprised of Professional Retail Design Institute members and other top industry professionals. The Institute's Boston chapter is the judging host for 2014.


A first place winner and up to two "Award of Merit" may be awarded in each category at the discretion of the judging committee. In addition, a single "Store of the Year" will be chosen from amongst all the first-place category winners. The Institute's prestigious "Innovation Awards" will also recognize exceptional concepts for Store Planning, Lighting, Materiality/Finishes, Wayfinding Signage & Environmental Graphics, Visual Merchandising, Fixturing, Conceptual Design, Branding, Digital Integration and Sustainability.

Key Dates
A. Project Completion: Nov. 1, 2013 through Oct. 31, 2014.
B. Submission Deadline: Nov. 7, 2014.
C. Notification of Winners: By Dec. 15, 2014.
D. Awards Gala: Jan. 12, 2015.
E. Ticket Sales: October 2014 through Jan. 10, 2015.

Submit entries at

Retail Formats

Designers may submit more than one entry in as many of the following categories as they wish. No entry, however, may be submitted in more than one category. At the discretion of the competition chair and the judges, an entry may be placed in a more suitable category. Judges may add or delete a category at their sole discretion. Please use category codes A through U on submission form.

Department Store

- New or Completely Renovated Full-Line Department Store

- New or Completely Renovated Specialty Department Store

- New Shop Within an Existing Full-Line or Specialty Department Store

Specialty Store

- Hard Line Specialty Stores (e.g., Mall Stores, Standalone Stores, Strip Center Stores including Outlet Centers, or Retail Stores)
- Soft Line Specialty Store

- Large Format Specialty Store

- Outlet Store

- Value Retail

Food & Beverage

- Supermarket

- Specialty Food, Gourmet Grocer & Delicatessen

Fine Dining Restaurant and/or Bar

- Quick Service Restaurant QSR (e.g., fast food restaurants, food court)

- Casual Restaurant and/or Bar (e.g., pubs, diners, family restaurants)

- Bar, Coffee, Tea Shop

Service Retail

- Convenience/Petroleum Store

- Telecommunications, Mobile Technology Stores

- Lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing (including Travel)

- Pharmacy


- Temporary & Common Area Retail (e.g., Pop-Up Stores, Mobile Food or Merchandise Trucks, Trade Booths, Kiosks or Retail Mall Carts)

-  Brand Space (e.g., Manufacturer Showrooms, Brand Experience Centers, Museums, Exhibitions, Car Showrooms)

- Financial Service (including Insurance, Investment, Money Transfer)


This is a concealed identity competition. Submitting companies are to comply as follows:

1. Only the entry form contains name of submitting company. Name of submitting company may not appear elsewhere on submitted materials.

2. All entry forms must contain category letter code of the entry (see codes A through U above).

3. All other submitted materials are to contain only the project name, letter code or Retail Design Institute number if applicable.

Each entry must include the following:

1. A signed and completed entry form plus a project/photography release form (both follow) for each entry. Be sure to include both the proper category code and Retail Design Institute membership number (if applicable) on the entry form.

2. A completed Project Description Form summarizing the project: (Please note: Text in excess of the max number of words stated will not be seen by the judging panel). Important: Please note topics on Project Description Form will be the topics projects will be judged upon. Category code and project name only must be included. Do not use a watermark, or include design firm or team name.

3. A source list for each project identifying major suppliers such as fixture, signage, lighting manufacturer, flooring, ceiling, surfacing materials with manufacturer's city, state, phone number.

4. Photography of the project. Maximum number of images for categories A and B is 12 images; all others is 8 images (does not include floorplan/s). Maximum duration of videos cannot exceed 2 minutes per entry.

Important: Digital images are required. Photos should include an overview together with detailed shots highlighting key areas. Digital files of photography will be used for the judging, PowerPoint presentations and print publication of winners. Due to the tight turnaround between the judging and publication we are asking for digital files for all entries, whether you are a winner or not. All entries will be kept on file at the Institute and Institute's publisher for consideration for future publication. You may be contacted separately for additional information if the publisher wishes to publish your materials.

A PDF file of your photo submission is also requested.

5. A digital scan of the floor fixture plan.

Entry Fees

  • For Retail Design Institute members the entry fee is $225 USD per submission.

  • The cost per entry for members with multiple submissions is $200 USD.

  • For nonmembers, $300 USD per entry.

Please make check or money order payable to the Retail Design Institute. If paying by credit card, please use the Institute's online form or fill out attached credit card payment form. Accepted: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express in U.S. dollars only.

Terms and conditions

All submitted materials become the property of the Institute's publisher and the Retail Design Institute and cannot be returned. Materials will be kept on file by the Institute's publisher and in the Institute's permanent archive. Entrants must certify that credits, project descriptions and other information on the entry form are correct; that the entrant has the right to be credited with this project; has received permission from the photographer(s) to use the photography; and that the Retail Design Institute and publisher, or an assignee has the right to publish the work, including photography, in print and on websites (; and use in seminars and presentations.

Photographers will receive credit for their work, but will not receive additional compensation for reproduction, publication or other uses of architectural images or photographs. Publication will be related to this competition only, in print and online. For any additional usage, the submitter will be contacted separately.

Categories, General Questions:

Mare Weiss, RDI
Boston Chapter President

- Or -

Andrew McQuilkin,
FRDI International Chairman


For Retail Design Institute membership, tickets to Awards Gala and duplicate awards, please contact: 

Retail Design Institute
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