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October 3, 2012 7:48am

This is the philosophy that I recommend when approaching a new retail project. Let's review some of the more important zones of all retail outlets.

The façade and the signage, presence and style. We're all capable of telling, based on a façade and typography, if there's a family-run service or a large company behind it. Façades are often untouchable, as in shopping centres, historic districts,... leaving us at times with only the signage to establish a presence and transmit the most appropriate style for our customers. Let's take advantage of it.

The shop window: communicates and positions. If your store was a magazine, the shop window would be its cover. Isn't it the cover the main feature that makes you stop at the newsstand and buy the magazine? When was the last time that you saw a shop window that grabbed your attention? Have you thought about what an under worked shop window says about your business? Remember that positioning involves communicating clearly in one direction.

The entrance is a sensation. The entrance is one of the most important zones of all retail outlets and probably amongst the least exploited and understood. There are entrances that capture, excite, surprise, and others that bore and make it hard to put one foot in front of the other. Does the entrance to your store invite people to come in? Are there 3 or 4 categories of products clearly visible? Consider creating a sensational entrance.

The sales zone. The sales zone of an eyeglass store differs from that of a supermarket, and is totally different from that of a bank, dentist or fashion boutique. It's a good idea to incorporate the creative concept, the idea to be communicated to the customer, in the design of the sales zone. Normally you sell on the walls and it's good to remember that the interior of the store is a natural space for the customer, he or she has to be able to move around freely.

You have to enjoy yourself in the fitting room. Many of decisions to buy are made in the fitting room, which oddly enough tend to be the most removed, poorly lit and least comfortable places in the store. I'm sure that before long we'll start to see “Fitting Room-Stores”, private spaces where customers can enjoy the process of trying on the product with friends or family members.

The creative presentation of the basics make the difference.
Is the presentation of the product related to any theme? Does the signage provide information that's not redundant? Wouldn't it make sense to present the most basic product, that one that generates the highest sales, in a creative and different way?

The layout is key. Starting by rethinking the most important zones of a retail outlet, its location, function, ambiance... is the first step to innovation and improving the shopping experience.

The shopping experience is the sum of everything. The architecture, lighting, product presentation, customer route, staff, the shop window, advertising... all of this works toward one objective: seduce the customer.

And we've wrapped up all of this in a gift box for you. If you want yours, call us.
We'll be seeing you. All best, C

Carlos Aires

Creator & Principal
 at MARKETING-JAZZ, creative retail design.

Vice-president Retail Design Institute Chapter madrid/barcelona

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