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Fido, Montréal | 2019 Design Award Winner

Fido, Montréal CallisonRTKL

Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular phone service provider, whose Fido brand name was selected to appeal to both French- and English-speaking customers. The Fido and CallisonRTKL design teams worked together for about one year to envision a space that truly highlighted key brand differentiators and amplified customer experience. With its high street presence, visibility, large footprint and super high ceilings, the 3,270-sq.-ft. St. Catharines’ location was the perfect opportunity to build a bigger, bolder, and more engaging Fido branded concept.

The Fido maker space invites customers to purchase and design their own phone cases. Customers can sit at the creator’s table, located in a deconstructed doghouse, and imagine the possibilities. While the space as a whole places an emphasis on the sharable, with graphic record walls and illustrated brick wall coverings, the designers wanted to give the space something extra special. Two unique moments were designed, each capturing different elements of the Fido brand spirit. One takes visitors back to a moment in the past with yellow painted vintage phones and a retro-cool chair and the other allows for a fun ‘boomerang,’ larger-than-life-sized photo moment, awash in neon.

Fido, Montréal 1004 Saint-Catherine St W, Montréal, PQ H3B 5L2, CANADA

Category: Telecommunications Completion: July 16, 2019 Design: CallisonRTKL, New York City Client: Fido Solutions, Montréal Architect: CallisonRTKL, New York City Consultants, contractors and trades: JRNINI Construction, Montréal (general contractor); Ianuzziello & Associates Inc. Consulting Engineers, Toronto (MEP); MCM, Toronto (millwork)


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