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GULE: Award-Winning Design Redefining the Supermarket Experience in Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso

In Rondonópolis, situated 220km from the capital of Mato Grosso, the visionary design of Total Varejo comes to life in GULE, the state's newest neighborhood supermarket. This 550m2 haven is meticulously crafted for customers seeking a modern, stylish, and welcoming shopping environment.

The store's spatial design unfolds in two distinct areas. At the entrance, suspended round luminaires resembling large plant pots illuminate the extensive fresh produce and grocery section. The biophilic visual is heightened by a large glass opening adorned with perforated elements shaped like the GULE logo icon, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Colors inspired by the branding palette, along with deconstructed forms of the logo icon, infuse charm throughout the supermarket. Embracing a concept free from right angles, the second area houses shelves, butcher and bakery services, as well as frozen and chilled beverage sections—all adopting an "oval" theme. Continuous LED profiles interspersed with aluminum profiles contribute to a bold atmosphere.

The GULE logo, prominently displayed on a large wall of earthy bricks, adds texture and underscores the authenticity of the proposal. The bakery, a spectacle in itself, features a vast display of cakes and pastries, complemented by a stylish snack bar for customers to savor their meals in comfort.

In line with innovation, GULE incorporates water reuse systems, solar energy with energy efficiency management, and a commitment to sustainability. The store proudly avoids plastic bags, offering customers a personalized eco-friendly bag with their first purchase. The waste storage area includes a cardboard press, selective collection and recycling facilities, and a refrigerated bin for organic waste.

To enhance the shopping experience, GULE introduces the GULE App, allowing customers to access the loyalty program and exclusive discount offers. Outside the store, ample parking, Drive-Thru access, and order pickups are complemented by the GULE POINT—an exclusive Pizza/Bar. Here, customers can savor draft beer and delights outdoors, surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

This innovative project, conceived by the renowned design firm Total Varejo, has been honored with the prestigious title of the "Best Project of 2023" in the food market category by the Retail Design Institute in Brazil. This award further solidifies GULE's commitment to both aesthetics and environmental responsibility, transforming the act of shopping into a holistic and enjoyable experience.

Posted by Renato Fregnani

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