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PNW Event Recap: Design Week PDX - Seriously Memes?!

Design Week Portland 2018 provided the perfect opportunity for our April Pacific Northwest Chapter member meet-up. Attending RDI members were treated to IDL Worldwide's fourth annual DWP event - Seriously Memes?! - which explored trends in brand to consumer interaction through the lens of pop culture's preferred method of communication: the meme.

Using the relatable meme as muse, the immersive event challenged norms of how brands connect with consumers, flipping the script and putting the populous in charge. Members enjoyed the weird, fun, and inherently shareable experiences that merged digital storytelling in a physical world.

IDL's Alexis Vera, Executive Creative Director, and Sonya Klinger, Marketing Coordinator, personally welcomed our group and shared commentary and insight on the exhibit design and intent. THANK YOU to IDL Worldwide for their generous hospitality and thought-provoking Design Week event.

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