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Specs, Del Mar | 2019 Design Award Winner

Specs, Del Mar Retail Habitats

Specs is a full-service optometry and luxury optical boutique in San Diego. The Del Mar store is its third in the market. RHDC Studio's design team’s primary goal was to translate Spec’s existing brand values – warmth, playfulness, and effortless style – into the new space. Beginning with a foundation of warm, modern materials with clean lines, light-wood cabinetry serves as a nice contrast to the frames, and concrete flooring adds to the brightness of the space while also reinforcing the spotlessness customers expect of a medical treatment facility.

Open shelving was proportioned specifically for Specs’ premium products. The team layered in unique textures like perforated black matte metal paneling in the reception area and along the hallways to evoke understated luxury. Lighting was an especially important part of the design, not only to showcase the important details of the eyewear lines, but also for customers to get the full visual effect of the space while trying on new prescription lenses.

Specs, Del Mar, Calif. 12895 Paseo Village Way, Suite 1220, San Diego, CA 92130 USA

Category: Audiology, Dentistry, Optometry Completion: September 21, 2019 Design: RHDC Studio, San Diego Client: Dr. Michelle Fitzpatrick, San Diego Architect: Warren Scott Architecture, Encinitas, Calif. Consultants, contractors and trades: Molinar Construction, San Diego (general contractor); Tazz Lighting, San Diego (lighting specifier); Square One Design Studio, San Diego; JE Wood and Millwork, Vista, Calif. (millwork)


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