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Membership Benefits

At the Retail Design Institute, we are dedicated to advancing the retail industry and those involved in it. Our members receive exclusive access to professional and educational resources that enable them to continuously improve their skills and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in retail design. 

What does the Retail Design Institute provide to its members?

  • Facilitates regular meetings, events, and tours with industry peers for exploration of specific issues relating to the profession. ​

  • Presents educational seminars, panel discussions, and CEU courses, in-person and virtually, providing exposure to local, national, and international trends in store planning and retail design.​​​

  • Provides access to top-paying career opportunities through the Institute's Job Board.

  • Hosts an annual International Design Competition, providing opportunities for members to participate and promote their work. In turn, the Institute provides additional exposure through partnerships with retail design-related media partnerships.

  • Assists in the development of standard curricula for students of store planning and design

  • Recognizes and encourages excellence in store planning and retail design

  • Participates in international trade shows and conferences

  • Maintains a detailed website with access to all Chapters, identifying events, trends, and initiatives, and provides the opportunity in our Member Profiles section for Members to promote their companies on the Institute website

  • Provides a directory of members that is available to all retailers needing help with finding a retail designer, store planner, design firm, and other trade members


What does membership provide me?

  • Connect with others in the industry; as like-minded individuals, to develop friendships and professional alliances, to get inside running of employment opportunities, and for open and supportive discussions about key business issues.

  • Networking at Institute events in a “no pressure” environment. Network with potential clients for design commissions and specification of products. Network with your peers such as established designers, and other owners of design businesses. Network with potential new customers.

  • Access to the Institute website information about emerging trends, events and initiatives, sponsored advertising of products and services, and employment opportunities.

  • Discounts/Promotions Institute website advertising, published products/services, magazine subscriptions, and retail tours/conferences.

  • Employment Opportunities- Job search, job postings available on the website

  • Educational Opportunities – Competitive knowledge- market intelligence, information on trends, a notice of scholarships/grants, etc, event information – conferences, seminars, and business expansion plans

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