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Brazil Chapter

Retail Design Institute


Chapter Location: São Paulo, S.P., Brazil 

Region Served: Brazil

About the Chapter

São Paulo, Brazil is the economic and industrial capital of Latin America and a city with one of the most modern and sophisticated retail markets in the world. The opportunity to work for the growth of our profession and at the same time maintain contact and exchange information with Brazilian and international colleagues, motivated Brazilian professionals to establish the Sao Paulo Chapter in May 2008.

Among its developments is a forum for common interest debates which became the official provider of retail design knowledge for the prestigious Brazilian Franchising Association, and several regular events with architects, interior designers, consultants, and industry representatives.

Our opening to new markets, economic development, and disposition for participation in associations and events, allows us to foresee that soon we might be among the most active and productive communities in the Retail Design Institute, integrated with other chapters and participating in initiatives of all levels.

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