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Brazil Chapter

Retail Design Institute


Chapter Location: São Paulo, S.P., Brazil 

Region Served: Brazil

About the Chapter

São Paulo, Brazil, stands not only as the economic and industrial capital of Latin America but also as a vibrant tapestry reflecting the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of our entire nation. Amidst the pulsating rhythm of innovation and creativity, São Paulo is a haven for numerous talented architects and retail designers, shaping the city into one of the most modern and sophisticated retail markets worldwide.

In May 2008, a group of passionate professionals, fueled by the shared ambition to cultivate our profession and forge connections with both Brazilian and international counterparts, laid the foundation for the Sao Paulo Chapter. Since then, our journey has been marked by continuous evolution, transforming into a dynamic community that provides a platform for engaging discussions through forums. We take pride in being the official purveyors of retail design knowledge for our community.

Beyond our professional milestones, São Paulo proudly hosts iconic centers and bustling streets, serving as living proof of the city's thriving commercial landscape. Our regular events stand as a testament to our commitment, bringing together architects, interior designers, consultants, and industry representatives, fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Our dedication to opening new markets, contributing to economic development, and actively participating in associations and events positions us as a vibrant and productive community within the Retail Design Institute. Envisioning the future, we see our chapter deeply integrated with others, playing a pivotal role in initiatives at all levels. São Paulo not only breathes innovation but also encapsulates the spirit of a diverse and dynamic retail design community.

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