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Retail Design Institute

Twin Cities

Chapter Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Region Served: Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota

About the Chapter

The Twin Cities Chapter encompasses many unique, vibrant, creative, and dedicated communities focused on advancing the excellence and innovation of Retail Design…

Our goal is to establish a platform for open dialogue and design thinking between private retailers, agencies, trade organizations, and industry consultants. The events and connection points we bring forward with major retail, design, and architectural organizations, diverse and cutting-edge art galleries and museums as well as broad-thinking higher education institutions, will create a lab environment that allows for incubation and realization of exchanged ideas while giving the public an inside look at our industry.

If we embark on this together, we can enrich and diversify design curriculums through the connection of locally based, retail professionals with students, educators, and their institutions, and uphold the mission of the Retail Design Institute as established by the International Board of Directors with emphasis in education, career building and networking for members. 


Please join today to create a better tomorrow.

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