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Code of Ethics for Members

Members of the Retail Design Institute are dedicated to excellence in the development of retail environments and maintaining the highest professional standards and practices.


1.  A Member shall accept compensation for services performed only from his/her direct client or employer.​

2.  In addition to competing on the basis of price, a Member shall compete for business on the basis of professional qualifications and resources necessary to adequately provide the services sought by a potential client.

3.  A Member participating in a design competition process shall represent his/her work accurately and in a professional manner. Each Member shall comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws governing his/her work and the work of competitors.

4.  A Member acting as a professional advisor or judge for any Retail Store Design Competition/Contest shall remove himself/herself from judging any category or aspect of the competition involving either their own or their client’s work entered in the competition. Commentary: This provision is intended to prevent any conflict of interest and to provide objective judging during a design competition.


5.  A Member shall not knowingly injure falsely or maliciously, the professional reputation, or practice of another member of the profession.

6.  A Member shall share/divide fees only with appropriate consulting professionals specifically related to the professional design services rendered, and/or those regularly employed or associated with his/ her office. All fees or rebates should be clearly disclosed to the client.

7.  A Member shall accurately represent his/her professional work in all advertising/marketing and promotional materials.

8.  A Member shall identify as “paid advertising” any marketing material when presented in a trade publication or other media solely or specifically for promotional purposes. Commentary: Feature articles by the media highlighting the current work of designers/firms are newsworthy and beneficial to the industry and the public. However, this provision is intended to discourage “buying” coverage by offering any form of payment for said coverage.


9.  A Member shall always act in a manner to support and promote the best interests of the Store Planning profession.

10.  A Member shall exhibit pride of membership in the Retail Design Institute. However, a Member shall not imply that said membership constitutes any approval or endorsement of his/her professional services by the Institute.

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