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McDonald's São Paulo Takes Green Strides: Inaugurates First Wooden-Structured Restaurant

McDonald's recent inauguration in São Paulo's vibrant Paraíso district introduces a pioneering era of sustainability with the visionary "Recipe for the Future."

Crafted by the renowned Superlimão Architects, the new "Méqui" sets an unparalleled standard in eco-friendly restaurant construction.

A key breakthrough lies in the extensive use of engineered wood, from floor to ceiling, profoundly reducing the carbon footprint. This conscious choice not only elevates sustainability but also introduces a distinctive design element, showcasing a visible wood structure through strategically placed openings in the walls.

The project employs prefabrication techniques, minimizing environmental impact by reducing material losses and energy consumption. As construction partially unfolded in an industrial warehouse, it facilitated efficient assembly, creating a quieter environment and a shorter construction schedule.

Solar incidence studies guided the glass facade design, coupled with strategically installed sunshades and a green roof for temperature regulation. Sustainable materials like Concresteel and recycled PET laminate replace traditional choices, while rainwater and air conditioner condensate collection systems enhance resource reuse.

Inspired by a biomimetic approach, the design features tree-shaped pillars reminiscent of Av. Bernardino de Campos, reinforcing a connection with nature. Located meters away from Avenida Paulista, the restaurant becomes an educational hub for environmental awareness.

Enhancing public understanding, a guided journey marked by yellow lines on the floor leads customers through specific points of interest, with QR codes providing detailed information on sustainable materials and techniques.

The lower floor boasts four self-service totems, conventional cash registers, an order pickup area, tables, a McCafé, and a dessert kiosk made from 100% recycled propylene. The upper floor houses an additional dining room.

A distinctive feature of Méqui is the installation of bleachers against one facade, catering to the local college and school population, creating a relaxed environment for socializing and studying. Recognized as the Best Food Service Project of 2023 by the Retail Design Institute Brasil, this revolutionary initiative not only sets a new standard for McDonald's but also underscores Superlimão Architects' unwavering commitment to sustainable design.

Posted by Renato Fregnani

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