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Nestlé KitKat Chocolatory, São Paulo | 2019 Design Award Winner

Nestlé KitKat Chocolatory, São Paulo FITCH, New York City

Nestlé KitKat Chocolatory offers an omnichannel experience, produced through a seamless execution of a PHD (Physical, Human and Digital) strategy with the brand as host as well as merchant in this 1,108-sq.-ft. flagship space. Drawing on the spirit of KitKat’s iconic “Have a Break” strapline, the FITCH design team developed experience design around #createyourbreak – and how this could come to life through theater, innovation, and community. The target audience inspired the design to transcend the physical and offer moments of play through a ream of different digital touchpoints, also designed and developed by FITCH. “The Break Society Café” integrates the KitKat experience with Brazil’s coffee culture.


The signature Pick ‘n’ Mix tube positioned at the heart of the store not only wows shoppers as they arrive and acts as a rich backdrop for selfies and pictures, it also has a surprise Chocolatory Virtual Reality break experience inside. Shoppers can take a journey through outer space and explore the KitKat factory as well as the 18 different flavors. Snapchat Augmented Reality filter games pepper the store and a KitKat vending machine game encourages shoppers to get competitive and win prizes.

Nestlé KitKat Chocolatory, São Paulo Morumbi Shopping Center, Piso Lazer - Av. Roque Petroni Júnior, 1089 - Jardim das Acacias, São Paulo - SP, 04707-900, Brazil

Category: Specialty Purveyors & Provisioners Completion: October 1, 2019 Design: FITCH, New York City Client: Nestlé Brazil Architect: Leonetti Piemonte Arquitetura, São Paulo Consultants, contractors and trades: General Contractor Saeng Engenharia e Comércio Ltda, São Paulo (general contractor); Fazz, Carapicuiba, SP, Brazil (furniture fabrication)

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