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Exploring Sustainability at Portobello Shop Jardim Social

We share details of the innovative Portobello Shop Jardim Social project, acknowledged by the Retail Design Institute of Brazil with the 2023 Retail Design Award. This recognition not only acknowledges the project's excellence but also underscores its technical and innovative approach in incorporating sustainable practices.

Situated in Curitiba, Paraná, this store serves as the pilot unit for the "Ser + Sustentável = Compromisso" (Being More Sustainable = Commitment) initiative by the Portobello Group. With a comprehensive focus, the project aims to create more sustainable stores from raw material extraction to daily operations.

Portobello Shop Jardim Social adopts design, construction, and operational principles developed for expansion and replicability throughout the store chain. The primary goal is to enhance the efficiency and performance of water, energy, comfort, and well-being systems while engaging and raising awareness among employees.

Certified with LEED ID+C Retail PLATINUM, the store becomes a hub for ESG-focused actions, sharing internal best practices with employees and the community. The design aligns with the Portobello Group's ESG strategic plan and LEED Retail certification parameters, focusing on energy efficiency, water consumption reduction, and well-being for employees and customers.

Standing out in sustainable initiatives, the project incorporates features such as thermal insulation, high-performance glass, and efficient HVAC and lighting systems. Measures to reduce water consumption include the use of water-saving fixtures, rainwater harvesting, and treatment and reuse systems.

Moreover, the project promotes the use of sustainable materials, encouraging suppliers to utilize products with environmental declarations, recycled materials, and FSC-certified wood. Efficient waste management, including proper separation and disposal, demonstrates the project's commitment to sustainability at every stage.

Portobello Shop Jardim Social not only stands as an award-winning project but also serves as a model of sustainable innovation in the retail sector, inspiring replicable and exemplary actions. This serves as an invitation to explore and appreciate a store concept that transcends conventional boundaries, setting a new standard for the future of conscious retail.

Posted by Renato Fregnani

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