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St. Marche, São Paulo | 51st International Design Competition Winner

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

St. Marche, São Paulo Design: Espaçonovo Projetos de Arquitetura S/S Ltda, São Paulo Photography: Ricardo Bassetti, São Paulo

St. Marche offers nearly 12,000-sq. ft. of specialty food. Opened during the pandemic, the Espaçonovo design team worked to create a relaxed place but one with safety and well-being in mind for returning in-store customers. The store’s overall gray palette takes its cue from concrete walls and the ceiling, the team left exposed and untreated.

Against that backdrop, the team layered on lighting, wayfinding, bold signage and accents in wood and metal. Thinking of each sensory step of the customer journey, the team started from the moment the customer enters the store and smells freshly baked bread, to visualizing fresh produce, to observing preparation of sushi, bakery, and pizza, until they come across a cozy space with tables to have meals, meet friends and even hold small meetings. A mural at the entrance of the store visible through the high-traffic avenue on which the store is located, simultaneously gifts the city and attracts customers.

Judges commented on the balance of warm materials and bold use of color against the coolness of the natural concrete. Branding and wayfinding solutions are exceptional and the lighting implemented feels just right.

Architect: Espaçonovo Projetos de Arquitetura S/S Ltda, São Paulo General contractor: Lampur Engenharia, São Paulo Consultants: Mingrone Iluminação, São Paulo (lighting design) Suppliers: Picolin Elétrica e Automação, São Paulo (fixturing); Eliane Revestimentos, São Paulo (flooring); Miaki Revestimentos, Guararema (flooring); Light Design+Exporlux, Recife (lighting); Distak Comunicação Visual, São Paulo (graphics)


51th International Design Award Winners

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You can see the entire awards presentation here.

The 51st International Design Awards was sponsored by Little, BHDP, Cadan Photography, and IA, Interior Architects.


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