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2023 RETAIL DESIGN INSTITUTE BRAZIL AWARD | Store of the Year | Adidas

Embark on a real immersive experience within the adidas world through the visionary Adidas Project Concept in São Paulo. This ambitious project was meticulously crafted to not only pay homage to the brand's illustrious heritage but also to emerge as a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of sports, fashion, and urban culture. Nestled on the first floor of Shopping Top Center in São Paulo, this expansive 700m2 space exudes presence, transforming the brand's mantra, "through sport, we have the power to change lives," into a tangible experience at the inaugural adidas Brand Center in Brazil.

STORE LAYOUT AND PLANNING: The project unfolds with a thoughtfully planned layout, seamlessly divided into performance and lifestyle areas, elevating the brand's multi-category potential. Six strategically positioned points throughout the store surprise and captivate consumers at every stage of their journey:

• Launch Area

• Performance Footwear Wall

• Runlab Footwear Testing Area

• adiClub House - Activation Space

• Makerlab Customization Area

• Lifestyle Footwear Wall

• Checkout Area

Each environment offers distinct services, boasting superior materials and finishes that enhance communication and connection with the customer.


Launch Area: Exclusive escalator access leads customers to an immersive launch area, featuring impactful visual elements such as 14 LED screens showcasing athletes and influencers associated with the brand. A unique technological interaction with a holographic totem adds an extra layer of engagement.

Performance Footwear Wall: At the heart of the performance area, a soft, warm lighting axis illuminates running mannequins and a curved wall that displays the brand's cutting-edge footwear technology. U-profile glass, illuminated with RGB LED, allows for color variation in visual composition, combining functionality and agility.

Runlab – Footwear Testing Lab: Positioned with a breathtaking view of Avenida Paulista, the Runlab space enables customers to test running shoes using motion analysis software. This corner also serves as a hub for the adidas Runners community, fostering a real connection with brand-sponsored events and encouraging consumers to take on sports challenges.

Makerlab – Product Customization: Offering unique product customization services, this space hosts quarterly visits from brand partner artists. The area also caters to level 4 members of the adiClub, providing coffee and water.

Photo Opportunity: Instagrammable points are strategically placed throughout the store, creating memorable moments for visitors to share on social media.

In-Store Activations: A 352-inch digital screen on the facade displays three-dimensional content, campaigns, and product launches. This aligns with inclusive events such as the São Paulo Gay Pride Parade.

adiClub House Space: A modular multifunctional space designed for adiClub members features an LED screen, content recording studio, and a modular stage for various activities, fostering knowledge exchange among major retail brands.

Lifestyle Area and Checkout: The lifestyle area, with its casual and connected atmosphere, showcases walls featuring the stylized symbol of São Paulo's pavement in stainless steel. The checkout area features a vertical garden wall and artistic contributions from the OPNI collective, providing a touch of biophilia.

Accessibility and 5 Senses: The project prioritizes inclusivity with tactile flooring, braille communication, and attention to circulation for an engaging experience that caters to all five senses.

Product Display and Valorization: Premium materials such as Terracor texture and copper-plated metallic panels enhance the display, highlighting the diversity of products and presenting a sustainable and innovative approach.

In summary, the Adidas Brand Center on Avenida Paulista represents an ambitious and innovative venture, transcending the traditional retail experience. With an integrated approach to technology, product presentation, and strategic lighting, the store offers an engaging, inclusive, and unforgettable experience, solidifying its status as a landmark in the heart of the capital city."

Concept / Architecture : CH2 ARQUITETURA

Graphic Design / Visual Visual Merchandising : ADIDAS Brazil

Posted by Renato Fregnani

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