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House of Rituals, Amsterdam | 51st International Design Competition Winner

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

House of Rituals, Amsterdam Design: Rituals Cosmetics in-house team Photography: Courtesy of Rituals Cosmetics

House of Rituals opened its first Body and Mind Spa, occupying 2600 sq ft, on the top floors of its existing Amsterdam location. The Body Spa’s open treatment areas are luxurious with the use of stone, natural timbers, lounge chairs and large plants.

Treatment rooms are situated in a separate and more private area. The world’s first Mind Spa, a concept developed for Rituals to broaden the well-being experience, features a variety of treatments intended to induce the deep relaxation of mind, body, and soul. From a design and planning perspective, the in-house Rituals team created an area of simple, yet stylish elegance conceived to produce a sense of serenity, rest and harmony.

The judges were united in their appreciation for the use of technology, materials, and creative space plan.

This project received an Innovation Award for Brand Activation.

Architect: Rituals in-house design team and Kodde Architecten, Amsterdam General Contractor: Bulsink, Son, The Netherlands Consultants: De Goede, Brummen, The Netherlands (graphics and visualization); Lichtplanners, Heemstede, The Netherlands (lighting) Suppliers: Hamers Totaal, Goirle, The Netherlands (furniture); Harmeling Interieur, Rijssen, The Netherlands (furniture); Vlastuin, Baarn, The Netherlands (furniture); Oosterwechel, Raalte, The Netherlands (flooring)


51st International Design Award Winners

The Class of 2021 includes:

Bloomie’s, Fairfield, Va. CDF Macau, Cotai Citi, New York City Empório Santa Maria, São Paulo FIKA Herbal Goods, Toronto Grand Central Mimico, Etobicoke House of Rituals, Body & Mind Spa, Amsterdam The Hyundai Seoul, Seoul Johnnie Walker, Edinburgh M&M’s, Berlin MAPCO, Sevierville, Tenn. Madison Décor Studio, North York NHL, New York City Puma, New York City Todd Snyder, New York City Treat, JKF International Airport – Store of the Year St. Marche, São Paulo Shinsegae Art Science, Daejeon Wilson, New York City

You can see the entire awards presentation here.

The 51st International Design Awards was sponsored by Little, BHDP, Cadan Photography, and IA, Interior Architects.


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