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Live.Love.Laugh: Donate toys, games and time!

The second edition of “Live.Love.Laugh” will be happening this holiday season. Retailers and their partners are invited to help kids to be kids for a few hours in a pop-up space dedicated and built for them. That's the message from Joseph Scaretta, a NY Chapter member to fellow members across the Chapter network. Scaretta is founder and co-ceo of CS Hudson, a Hauppauge, N.Y.-based company that builds pop-up shops and in-store shops nationally. Last year a team of designers and construction pros took over a vacant space at Tanger Outlets on Long Island in New York, and invited children from a nearby homeless shelter to pick out gifts. This year teams will again create a fantasy toyland for area kids who might otherwise go without.

In spirit of giving and generosity, CS Hudson is looking for partners and seeking new hands to provide the second annual event to benefit the children of Help USA’s Suffolk Chapter. Institute members can help spread the holiday joy and help make more children feel valued and important. "We are currently looking for additional leaders of love to join us and collaborate in supporting our event by providing toys, games, experiences to name a few," explains Melissa Kaan, CS Hudson's client development manager, and a member of CS4Good committee.

For more information on Live. Love. Laugh., click here for media coverage of last year's event. To contact Melissa Kaan directly, reach her at; 631-260-1976, ext. 6349.

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