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Whole Foods Market, Seattle | 2019 Design Award Winner

Whole Foods Market, Seattle D L English Design Inc.

The DL English Design team approached its work on this Seattle Whole Food Market location with the desire to create an environment deeply ingrained into West Seattle’s culture and visual identity. The design strategy for Whole Foods Markets is a meaningful connection to the local community, interweaving the brand and the community’s core values and aesthetics. Supporting the concept of "neighborhoods," the cafe was conceptualized as an independent, local coffee shop. Situated just inside the main entry, the café is branded and operated separately from the greater shopping environment, expanding the guest base beyond grocery shoppers.

This project received an INNOVATION AWARD for LOCALIZATION.

Although relating to the overall environment, this ‘space within a space’ has a unique color palette and attributes. Further distinction is achieved through a façade enclosure with a glass windows and a large ’garage door’ allowing it to be open and closed at different hours from the main store. The interior of the cafe is approached with a more intimate scale of forms and amenities, inviting lounging, and the color palette is lighter, softer and warmer. A sunrise mural bursts forward in soft pinks and blues supported by "rays" of light beams creating the implied energy of the break of day, drawing the energy and flow.

Whole Foods Market, Seattle 4755 Fauntleroy Way SW Ste 190, Seattle, WA 98116 USA

Category: Supermarket | Grocery Completion: October 9, 2019 Design: DL English Design Inc., Pasadena, Calif. Client: Whole Foods Market, Austin, Texas Architect: Camburas & Theodore LTD, Des Plaines, Ill. Consultants, contractors and trades: ESI Construction, Meridian, Idaho (general contractor); Capitol Light, Hartford, Conn. (lighting services); Kriskadecor, Phoenix (rain partition screen); Hill Phoenix, Conyers Ga. (refrigerated cases); Madix Store Fixtures, Terrell, Texas (gondola fixtures); New Era Custom Design and Cabinet Works Inc., Frederick, Md. (custom furniture); Creative Space Consultants, Olney, Md. (furniture); Wayfair, Boston (furniture); Sarah Robbins, Seattle (custom mural); DL English Design Inc., Pasadena, Calif. (environmental signage and graphics fabrication and installation)

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