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From the International Chairman

Ray Ehscheid, RDI, IIDA

Members and Friends of the Institute,

I am delighted to move from International President of the Institute to the role of Chairman.

Since its inception in 1961, the Institute has been focused on ensuring that those directly involved in the practice of retail design have a forum for communication. The association has also focused on ensuring a strong industry voice. The International Board, local Chapters, and City Centers across the world continue to share with members in more intimate discussions the challenges and rewards of our chosen career.

To that end, our focus on the career professional in our industry has never been so acute. Your needs dictate how and what we should do to ensure the practice of retail design remains relevant and important. Let your voice be heard and email me directly with your ideas.

Retail design continues to evolve, and as it does so does the Institute. Enveloping additional professionals concerned with the body of work around creating engaging experiences through digital and physical models is paramount and a key part of our discussions.

What will retail experiences be in the future? The Institute is determined to be at the forefront of this dialogue, supporting those teams driving out those new directions.

I encourage you to each find an opportunity in your local Chapter to engage and become involved in the ongoing discussion. Simple efforts to join us at one of our local events can yield much for your understanding of how our industry is moving forward. Your membership offers many ways to experience the camaraderie that the Institute fosters in our communities and if you are not a member, consider joining us now to experience the best of retail design in your city.

Ray Ehscheid, RDI, IIDA International Chairman

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