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Quem Disse Berenice? Clinches Top Honor: 2023 Best Healthcare Project Award by Retail Design Institute Brazil

Embarking on its 10th anniversary in 2022, Quem Disse Berenice? proudly introduces a transformative store experience in São Paulo, seamlessly merging communication, social media, e-commerce, and an extensive product range.

More than just a retail space, it embodies autonomy, experiential exploration, and embraces the digital-first ethos of Generation Z. This innovative store, designed to resonate across the network, prioritizes flexibility for evolving portfolios, ease of operation for sales teams, and a magnetic appeal for the digitally-driven audience.

Crafted with a modern design and immersive elements, the store aligns with the retail trend of creating engaging physical spaces. Vibrant colors and trend-inspired aesthetics reflect the persona of a makeup expert, establishing an inviting ambiance. The store becomes a haven where customers can dive into the QDB? universe, interactively exploring the portfolio to curate their personalized beauty routines.

A captivating and well-lit storefront beckons patrons, while modular furniture allows for seamless category updates. The Trends Space stays connected to online trends, displaying popular makeup looks from social media. Clearly defined categories and flexible displays enhance product visibility, simplifying the shopping journey.

Tables at the store center showcase new releases, and strategically placed illuminated mirrors encourage hands-on experimentation. The lighting design accurately reproduces product colors, and visual merchandising aids navigation, spotlighting best sellers. The QDB Studio offers makeup and skincare services, while the Gift Station provides personalized gifts and an interactive gifting quiz.

Commitment to accessibility and sustainability is integral to the store's ethos. Recycled materials, sourced from bottle caps, support a holistic and sustainable approach. A packaging collection point on the storefront promotes the QDB Recycle program, and braille signage in visual merchandising reinforces inclusivity.

Adding to its accolades, the store recently clinched the title of 'Best Project in Healthcare' at the prestigious awards hosted by the Retail Design Institute in Brazil. Developed by the talented team at Grupo Boticário, this recognition further underscores the store's commitment to excellence in design and innovation.

Welcome to a decade of beauty, innovation, and sustainability at Quem Disse Berenice?—where every visit is an immersive journey into self-expression and conscious living.

Posted by Renato Fregnani

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