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Hello December 2020!

Traditionally speaking, our December calendar is inundated with holiday work parties, potlucks, awaited travel, gift-giving, and familial gatherings. But this is 2020 and as we know, it is anything but traditional.

2020 will forever act as a marker in the history books: the time before and after the Covid-19 pandemic. A time when work, school and home-life were disrupted in unfathomable ways. As we round out this unforgettable year, we would like to remind our RDI members and friends to take time to relish in the moments of joy in our lives, in whatever ways we find them.

This simple three-letter word bears much weight. Whether your joy is the great outdoors, social distance trips to your local café for a fresh brew, or supporting a local business via curbside pick-up or delivery, we hope that you’re making space for your own serenity. Self-care, being present and taking time to find the beauty around us can do so much for our hearts, minds and souls. We wish you a holiday season of joy, peace, and hope for brighter days ahead.

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