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Innisfree, Seoul | 2019 Design Award Winner

Innisfree, Seoul Mapos Architects, D.P.C.

Korean beauty brand, Innisfree, engaged Mapos Architects, D.P.C. to develop a new global retail concept and to create retail design guidelines. The Curation and Promotion Tables, two sculptural forms anchoring the entrance introduce new customers to the brand, while drawing the attention of returning customers to new products and current promotions. These tables take direct inspiration from Jeju Island, both in their use of volcanic rock as a material and in form, acting as a literal island in the space to be approached and explored from all sides.

Custom ceramic pendant lights, inspired by traditional Korean Onggi pots, are arrayed throughout the space on a grid below an open ceiling. Every custom table and fixture takes cues from traditional workshop furniture. The washbasin recalls a utilitarian deep wide sink approachable from multiple sides. Highlight fixtures throughout echo an artist’s easel while elsewhere display tables incorporate the temporary-board-over-sawhorse aesthetic of a woodshop.

Innisfree, Seoul 64-2 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Category: Specialty Softlines Completion: July 1, 2019 Design: Mapos Architects, D.P.C., New York City Client: Innisfree, Seoul Architect: Mapos Architects D.P.C, New York City Consultants, contractors and trades: Design Hardy, Seoul (general contractor); Rareraw, Seoul (fixturing); Shin Yi Chul (art tile); Newlite, Seoul (lighting); Tune Interactive, Seoul (LED screen and monitors)


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