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Institute to Sponsor Euro-a-GoGo tour of Dusseldorf and Madrid

The Retail Design Institute has signed on as an official sponsor of Euro-a-GoGo 2020. This edition of Euro-a-GoGo will feature not only Dusseldorf during EuroShop, but Madrid and an array of retail visits to enhance the experience. Institute member Mark Badhwar leads the team putting the GoGo tour together. EuroShop 2020 takes place February 16-20 in Dusseldorf, Germany. As the world’s largest retail trade fair, EuroShop has become a go-to event to understand the key influences that are shaping design in the industry. For the last several EuroShop Fairs, many US-based teams look to join the Euro-a-GoGo road trip that pairs an affordable way to experience the event itself (pricing includes accommodations, transportation, tickets, hosted dinners, social activities, design and retail tours) and gain valuable friendships and professional contacts.

Click here to learn more.

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