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Psycho Bunny, Miami | 2019 Design Award Winner

Psycho Bunny, Miami Ædifica

Given that this Miami pop-up is the first Psycho Bunny physical retail shop, its temporary space couldn’t afford to be a cheaper version of the future permanent store, both designed by Ædifica. The 1,600-sq.-ft- shop was conceived as an attention-grabbing retail destination that arouses the visitor’s imagination through its pop art signature and colorful experience.


The space replicates an artist’s studio and acts as a “behind the scenes” setting before the store transforms into its permanent concept of an art gallery. This pop-up space is a perfect punchline and a unique opportunity for Psycho Bunny to showcase itself and offer an outstanding retail experience to its brand enthusiasts.

To support the idea that the brand’s goods are artworks, the Ædifica team designed a display wall to feature photos of the lifestyle that Psycho Bunny embraces. The color palette of Psycho Bunny’s merchandise is very pop art, playful and mischievous, therefore the team wanted to showcase it. The display strategy really emphasizes explosive color: the pop-up not only has super colorful display tables; it has a wall of bright pink fluorescent lights shining on the products.

Psycho Bunny, Miami Aventura Mall, 19501 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33180 USA

Category: Pop Up | Pop In Shop Completion: November 1, 2019 Design: Ædifica, Montréal Client: Psycho Bunny, Montréal Architect: Ædifica, Montréal Consultants, contractors and trades: James M. Barb Construction Inc., Albuquerque, N.M. (general contractor); Alex Yanes, Miami (artwork); RCM Architectural INC., St-Isidore, Beauce Nord, QC (millwork)

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