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Sarah & Sebastian, Mosman | 2019 Design Award Winner

Sarah & Sebastian, Mosman

Landini Associates

Sarah & Sebastian, a contemporary jewelry label, asked the Landini Associates team to design an intriguing, but not intimidating space. Landini delivered an intimate shopping experience with mystery, discovery, and warmth. The minimal aesthetic of the 860-sq.-ft. interior utilizes refined, lightweight fixtures aimed at exhibiting the handmade, intricacy of the product. Key materials are concrete, walnut, blackened steel, mirror and glass. An emphasis on lighting to create atmosphere and highlight product, guides customers through the store by creating dynamic shadow.

This project received an INNOVATION AWARD for LIGHTING.

Lighting further elevates the minimal, museum feel of the space, which is anchored by a linear display case stretching the store length, showcasing Sarah & Sebastian’s seasonal and core collections. Through a layering and textural contrast of signature finishes, the new design explores reflection, translucency and discovery. The resulting interior is the perfect tension between light and dark, floating and solid, lightweight and heavy elements.

Sarah & Sebastian, Mosman Shop 1, 1-5 Mandolong Road, Mosman Sydney 2088 AUS

Category: Specialty Hardlines Completion: September 1, 2019 Design: Landini Associates, Sydney Client: Sarah Gittoes & Robert Grynkofki, Sydney Architect: Landini Associates, Sydney, Consultants, contractors and trades: Unita, Sydney (general contractor); Ambience Lighting, Bundoora VIC (lighting)

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